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Bathrooms... Best Trends

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just like kitchens, bathrooms have enormous influence on whether you love or hate a home. So when it comes to selling your home, it makes perfect sense to pay your bathroom lots of love and attention when building or renovating.

More than just practical and functional, bathrooms have evolved to become much more than just a washroom, playing an important part of the architectural design and more often than not, incurring the biggest financial investment.

Besides water and energy saving being key aspects of any bathroom build or renovation, we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite trends to guide you on the interior design and décor. 

  1. For the modern bathroom, go with clean simple lines and minimally designed sanitary ware, which is often hidden e.g. built in handles to cabinet draws.
  2. Copper is hot right now. Exposed brass taps, pipes bring lots of warmth and a traditional feel to your bathroom.
  3. Vinyl decals, wallpaper and mosaic glass tiles provide the right element for that impact feature wall.
  4. Pair bold colours with the neutral sanitary ware, for that personalised and dramatic look. Bold colours work well on painted walls and accessories.
  5. Create a wet and dry zone if the space allows e.g. include a small dressing table, make up table or small comfortable seating.

Of course don’t forget the windows in your bathrooms.  Considered a high-use and wet area, the best window treatment for this part of your home is shutters. Timeless, always on trend, shutters in the bathroom are the practical choice due to their durability and water resistance. Ideal for privacy, natural light and ventilation, shutters in the bathroom will simply beautify your bathroom and complete the look.

Here are some fabulous examples.

Corradi. Italian Designed Outdoor Living at its Finest.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If you dream of having the ultimate outdoor entertainment area or a private sanctuary to relax in, look no further than Corradi's superior outdoor rooms.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Corradi's outdoor rooms are a unique mix of functionality and art, with a patented waterproof, motorised retractable room system at the heart of every room.

Available in many styles to suit individual needs, Corradi's outdoor rooms will impress. Freestanding structures are great for entertaining away from the main home, and suitable for areas with swimming pools or beautiful vista views. Or you can choose rooms that attach to an existing structure. Perfect if you have an existing deck or courtyard that needs a little more protection from the elements. Which ever room you choose, you can be assured it will be an investment you will not regret.

Here are 3 popular models.

  • Sleek geometric design
  • Made from aluminium
  • Motorised retractable roof has a unique multi-layered Eclissi fabric blocks UV rays and is 100% waterproof
  • Anti-drip technology and integrated gutters, channels water to manage run-off, ensuring your room remains dry
  • Built to withstand 50kph gale force winds
  • Available as a free standing room or as an adjoining module
  • Retractable roof fabric is available in an extensive range of colours

  • Award winning hinge design allowing you to change the slope of the pillars for a unique look
  • Made from aluminium
  • Motorised retractable roof that is waterproof and blocks UV rays
  • Integrated lighting and audio comes standard
  • Can withstand gale force winds up to 74kph
  • Available as a free standing room or as an adjoining module
  • Retractable roof fabric is available in an extensive range of colours

  • Contemporary design
  • Made from PEFC timber
  • Optional side enclosures
  • Motorised retractable roof that is waterproof and blocks UV rays
  • Can withstand gale force winds up to 50kph
  • Available as a free standing structure
  • Retractable roof fabric is available in an extensive range of colours

Kick-start the New Year with these 6 Home Resolutions

Thursday, January 14, 2016

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on our past, our achievements and ponder our new goals and desires for the year. For some of us, those goals might include having a house you can call home. A home that is quintessential to who you are, your style and your life. So stop dreaming about the home you’ve always wanted and kick-start this year with a few tips to help you cross off at least one of your 2016 New Year resolutions..

Feel gratitude

Is your glass half full or half empty? It’s so easy to dwell about what you don’t have and completely forget about what you do have. Despite whether you feel your home is too small or doesn’t exude the current trends, your home shelters and protects you and your family. Take some time out of your day to remember this and really appreciate and feel gratitude for your home as it is. This will open doorways to more positive thoughts and when you feel it’s time to make some changes to your home, it will happen as you desire.

Start Now: Start a gratitude journal and note down 5 things you love about your home and note 10 things about your home you feel you could appreciate more. Set aside some time each day to flip through it as a reminder to feel grateful.

Know what you like

It’s very easy to be sucked into trends, simply because it’s a trend. Not all trends suit all living styles, so before you go and paint your bedroom black because ‘black is back’ in the latest home styled magazine, make sure you really know what you like. This will ensure your home genuinely reflects who you and your family are. There is nothing more trend killing than walking into someone’s home and it looks like a picture out of an Ikea brochure.

Start Now: Start a vision board of things you like. Digital platforms are the way to go. We like Houzz and Pinterest. Houzz is a great way to browse all things home related and start an Ideas Board. Pinterest allows the same functionality. Collect, share, pin, whichever way you choose, just make sure you choose things that you really connect with. Your character will shine through the things you like and when those things become a reality in your home, you will shine with a happiness you deserve.

Less is More

Ever heard the old saying ‘Out with the old, in with the new’? Before you start adding more to your home, get rid of things that you don’t like or that no longer serve a purpose in your home. It’s easy to keep walking past that vase you absolutely hate or that worn down chair in the corner every day. If it evokes a negative feeling in you, get rid of it. Removing the negative is just as important as focussing on the positive.

Start Now: Make of a list of all the things you would like to get rid of in your home. Then sit down (preferably in your favourite chair) with a cup of tea and objectively go through your list. Note what you can remove today and make a plan to remove the rest.

Avoid the urge to impulse buy

Now that you’ve cleaned out your home of the things you dislike or that no longer serve a purpose, don’t go on a shopping frenzy to replace those items. It often takes time to style a home the way you want. Take your time and spend more mindfully. Every time you find yourself about to make a purchase, ask yourself if you really need it. If it’s purely for décor, only buy it if you absolutely love it and you know exactly where it will go.

Start Now: Write on a sticky note “Do I really need it? Do I really love it? Do I have the perfect place to put it?” and place it in your purse or on your computer if you shop online. It will serve as a great reminder the next time you have the urge to spend.

Be creative with what you have

Often times we put constraints in the too hard basket, but constraints can actually be a blessing in disguise. It allows you to kick your creativeness into gear, by working with what you have and thinking outside the box. Constraints could be anything from not being allowed to hang frames or artwork on the walls to having too small a bathroom, to not having enough kitchen bench to work on. Whatever it is, it’s time to look at your problem with a fresh perspective and come up with solutions to solve your problem.

Start Now: Write down at least 5 of your home’s biggest issues and try to see them not as problems but as small hurdles to overcome. If you’re not up to devising a creative solution yourself, try Googling your issue, you are bound to find a myriad of solutions that may work for you.

Treat yourself

As cliché as it sounds, it really is the little things that make us happy. As much as you might wish you could live in that huge 4 bedroom penthouse with views of the ocean, you will probably be just as happy cozing up with your cat, a cup of tea and your favourite book on a rainy day. There are plenty of things in life that can make you happy without it costing you an arm and a leg. In fact, mostly, those things actually cost very little if anything at all. It might be fresh flowers, a hot bath with scented candles or a coffee from your favourite coffee shop. It’s a great way to appreciate and be grateful for what you have as proposed in our first tip above. That said, there’s no reason you can’t dream bigger than your favourite coffee. If something you desire is quite expensive, plan for it and save. Planning ahead and saving for things you really want is the best way to create a home that truly reflects your tastes.

Start Now: Make a list of the little and big things that make you happy. Do the simple cost effective things more often and plan and save for the bigger things.

The Evolution of Shutters

Friday, November 20, 2015

Shutters have come a long way since the ancient times of Greece, where it is believed the very first shutters originated. Made from solid stone with fixed louvres, the benefits of weather protection, light control and privacy, saw the shutter spread to the mediterranean which saw the fixed louvres become moveable. In time, shutters were brought to the Americas by the Spanish, gracing many traditional plantation homes and now, they are popular window treatments and outdoor area fixtures in many an Australian home.

Made from timber, aluminium or PVC, shutters today are surprisingly as flexible in application as they are in colour. Suited for internal or external areas of the home, from small applications to wide expanse applications, it is no wonder they are becoming more and more desired by home owners who want ultimate light, air and privacy control. The fact that they can be completely customised in size, shape and colour is what makes shutters so versatile and popular compared to other window treatments. 

Have a look at these custom shutters, where application, colour and shape can be appreciated.

This dining room deserved something more elegant than the standard white plantation shutter. Arched shutters are highly popular in more traditional styled homes.

Even a curved wall is a no brainer for shutters, as seen in this application.

Shaped shutters can become a feature piece, such as this diamond shaped shutter in a child's play room.

Colour is only limited to the imagination. This popular rainbow shutter completes this lucky child's bedroom.


Shutters… So versatile!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Out of the numerous window treatment solutions I could choose from, including curtains, blinds, awnings and venetians – Shutters is by far the only choice for me.

Why? Quite simply for the versatility in design and function.

Right now, the current trend in shutters is to go bright and bold. Traditionally shutters have been neutral whites and natural wood finishes but more and more homeowners are embracing their adventurous side and choosing bright and bold colours to enhance the style and mood of any room.

The beautiful thing about shutters is that not only can you customise to the colour you choose; they also provide that functional aspect that we all want – privacy, light management and insulation. Choose from fixed, hinged, multi-fold, bi-fold and sliding shutters. There is a shutter for almost every size and type of window.

Regardless of what colour or type of shutter you choose, shutters can quite literally transform your living space into one you will absolutely love.

5 Predictable Spring Trends

Thursday, August 13, 2015

If you follow fashion, interior design or furnishing trends, with each new season you can expect to see fresh ideas and inspiration. Well, Spring is just around the corner and everyone is wondering what the newest trends in interiors will be! So here’s 5 predictable interior trends to help you get ready for the new season!

1. Pastels & Pinks

Generally when you think of Spring, you think of warm pastel pinks, lavenders and soft greens. This season, these feminine colours will dominate the colour schemes. If you’re worried about the colours being too feminine, try including contrasting colours using furniture or accessories to make a bold statement and provide some balance. Metallics such as golds, bronze and copper paired with pastels is also a lovely touch, but if you want something more understated, whites, oranges and greys work particularly well with these colours.

2. Raw Authenticity

Go for the honest, raw, authentic look, first trended by Haymes Paint. This look embodies the ‘less is more' factor, creating an unfussy style that de-clutters space in favour of simplicity. Typically made of up neutral, natural tones such as browns and creams, these calming colours are perfect for interior accessories and styling. Start with a simple piece of natural furniture and build up textures and colours around it with artwork and accessories.

3. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns and graphic art are hanging around for another season. They can make any room go from dull to bold instantly. Easy to find room accessories include rugs and pillow cases. If you find them to be too bold or perhaps you’re over this trend, try more understated patterns and lines as a sophisticated alternative.

4. Colours with Attitude

Over the pastels and neutrals? Why not brighten with daring colours and patterns. Add a bit of attitude to your room, through bold accessories or furniture pieces upcycled in bold designs. Or for the really bold statement, create feature walls with exuberant wallpaper.

5. Spring Cleaning in Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a pain for most homeowners, but they can also be a small blessing in disguise. Generally they offer a catalyst for change where you are forced to de-clutter your space and utilise the space more effectively. This often means incorporating cleaver design ideas. For example, if you want to provide the illusion of a bigger room, hang drapes as high as you can above windows or strategically place a mirror. Invest in smart furniture that also act as storage spaces and use a fool proof neutral colour on the walls to prevent a small space from closing in on itself, unless of course you’re going for a cosy look, then a darker colour will do the trick.

Create Your Very Own Retreat With Natural & Organic

Thursday, June 04, 2015

In a fast paced world where technology, work, family commitments and socialising play a major part in our every day lives, there’s a growing desire among us to escape to a world of relaxation, peace and calm. While there are many ways to achieve this through running, meditation, yoga, or a well deserved holiday, what better place is there to consistently escape to for such delish relaxation, than your own home? There’s a growing trend seen among interior designs that incorporate natural and organic elements into the home, which help foster a welcoming blissful environment. Below are 5 ways you can bring the natural and organic beauty into your home.

Live the Alfresco Lifestyle

Natural light and open views in the home are by far one of the most soothing elements you can add to your home. Weatherwell aluminium shutters allow you to fuse the indoors with the outdoors. A favourite among high-end architects and designers for their strength and beauty, Weatherwell aluminium shutters are low maintenance, offering protection from the elements all year round. Available in multiple applications, sliders and multi-fold are by far the best options at opening up your living space to the natural environment.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Highprofile timber plantation shutters are 100% organic and renewable, requiring less energy to be produced than any other inorganic material. This makes them a favourite among designers and decorators alike who are looking to add that sustainable natural look and feel into a room.

With beautiful grains providing a fine texture and flawless finish, a truly bespoke product, timber shutters can be customised to suit individual styles.

Green Plants and Floral

Gone are the fake plastic plants that collect dust and become quickly off trend. Try adding real plants such as succulents or hardy indoor plants, which require minimal maintenance and fuss.  They bring an evergreen natural appeal to the room, softening lines and cleaning the air at the same time! Or if you prefer a bit more colour, cut flowers are always a delight. Providing the senses not only with a visual beauty but also a subtle smell of floral. Or try a bit of Zen, and create an indoor Zen garden, perfect for contemplation.

Natural Timber Furniture Pieces

Individualised natural wood furniture is making their way back into the home. From antique to chic, rustic to modern styles, the beauty of natural timber furniture in the home are set to remain on trend over the next few years. 

Earthy Colours

Captivate your senses with earthy colours. Earthy colours in either warm or cool browns, tans, creams, greys, greens and orange are taken from mother nature herself. Known to provide a relaxing vibe, these colours are great in the bedroom for creating that special retreat.

Reduce the Impact of Weather on Your Outdoor Living

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

It’s no secret that Australians love spending time outdoors. However, the harsh and often erratic nature of Aussie weather means that whilst we invest a lot of time and resources into our outdoor entertaining areas, they often go under utilised.  So we thought we’d share a few of our favourite ways to help reduce the impact of the weather on your outdoor enjoyment!

Aluminium shutters are a great way to fully or partially enclose your outdoor area. Our aluminium shutters can be custom ordered to fit any outdoor space you may have and can be ordered in fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold installations.

Available in a wide variety of colour and textured finishes, our Weatherwell Elite range is also lockable for added peace of mind.

Weatherwell Elite

Weatherwell Standard

As Autumn makes it’s presence known, it’s often just a little to cold to spend the nights outside, even if it’s not raining. A great remedy for this situation is to introduce some fire into your outdoor settings. Not only will this give you enough warmth to make it comfortable, it’s a fantastic way to create a relaxed and intimate environment. Chimaneas are a very versatile outdoor piece that can be stored away during summer when it’s not needed and brought out to become the centre of attention during the colder months.

Introduce some fire into your outdoor setting.

Outdoor Rooms by Corradi are the most complete way to fully utilise your outdoor space all year round. Designed & manufactured in Italy, it combines the latest in structural engineering with Italy’s famous flare for aesthetics. With integrated water management and the ability to be fully or semi enclosed, you have a system that not only looks amazing, but can also withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Corradi Outdoor Room

Corradi Outdoor Room

Awnings are a brilliant and cost-effective way of shading an area to protect yourself, and any adjacent rooms from the onslaught of the Australian sun.

Our range of Shadesol awnings are German designed to provide a beautiful product backed by the highest standards of structural engineering. Available in motorised and non-motorised versions, it’s a must have for every Australian home.

Shadesol Awning

Industrial Chic

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The industrial design trend that has long been reserved for lofts and the more masculine condo spaces has now well and truly penetrated mainstream urban design.

With it’s focus on raw materials, clean lines and simple shapes, this look can easily be incorporated into any home without expensive refurbishments and can also be easily integrated within more feminine style areas to create a unique juxtaposition of designs.  We’ve put together a few simple ideas to help get you started!

Image courtesy of Architecture DHD


Texture will predominantly come from the materials you use. Industrial chic relies heavily on raw materials such as steel, iron, reclaimed wood, glass, brick etc.  One of the easiest ways of adding texture is to contrast materials with pre-existing elements of your home. For example; if you have pre-existing brick walls, look into directly contrasting it with raw timbers and metals.


Repurpose old lamps and industrial lights that you can find from thrift stores and antique shops to cover or add to your existing fixtures to add to the industrial of a room through simple changes.


Industrial chic relies heavily on neutral colour schemes to augment the natural and raw materials being used throughout. Avoid bold colours and stick to sandy beiges, ivory, black, greys and white.


When considering furniture, one of the most effective methods to create a cohesive space without over-use of material, is to juxtapose wood with metal. Try using a repurposed wooden pallet as coffee table with metal end tables. Mixing and matching contrasting pieces will help bring the space together without risking the room becoming boring.

Image courtesy of The Old Painted Cottage

Image courtesy of Jude Interior Designs

Window Furnishings

Whilst open window spaces are a clear favourite for many people decorating in an industrial chic trend, it is not always the most practical solution in high-sun areas or houses that lack natural privacy. Shutters are a great way to give you the best of both worlds.  Timber shutters that have a dark stain can give you both an ideal texture and colour combination, or alternatively, aluminium shutters can also be used; painted black or done in a dark-timber look-alike finish.

7 Creative Ideas to Upcycle Your Old Shutters

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ever wondered what you could do with those old shutters you have stashed away in your shed? 

If you’re keen to try a bit of DIY these holidays, turning old shutters into something fabulous for your home should be on your list of upcycle to-dos. 

All you need are some old shutters, some creative flair and a little bit of elbow grease. If you don't have shutters, try your local tip or trash and treasure market. 

There are numerous creative home wares and furniture you can make, from bed heads, magazine holders to garden features.
Below are 7 great DIY ideas to turn your old shutters from drab into fab!

A chic shutter linen cupboard.

Simple shutter side table.

We love this teal green shutter head board.

Shutter magazine holder, a perfect addition to a living room or office.

Spruce up the kitchen with this practical shutter utensil holder.

A fab shutter wall piece.

A shutter garden feature.

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