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  • The shutter is 100% of the same timber species, measuring at least 540 on the Janka hardness scale.
  • A high quality paint finish like a 2-pack polyurethane paint which gives a flawless appearance. Similar to high-end cabinetry paint.
  • Painted shutters should have minimum of 5 years warranty
  • The timber for stained shutters is hand selected to choose the best and most even grains.


  • The shutter uses a laminated timber veneer over laminated strips of other timbers. Confirm the shutter is 100% of the one timber species.
  • Inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint that gives an uneven finish and doesn't last.
  • Painted shutters with warranties less than 5 years
  • Timber for stained shutters is not hand selected and gives uneven grains

Designer Insights

  • Vicmar Buyser 

    Vicmar Buyser

    Landscape Architect

    2 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Timber Shutters

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    Durable and elegant, the Highprofile Timber Shutter Collection will bring designer style to your home. They are engineered to provide the right mix of temperature control, light, airflow and privacy.

    To ensure you receive the best and longest use of your Highprofile Timber Shutters, follow these two simple maintenance tips.

    • Open the louvres with the tilt rod or with the middle louvre.
    • Using a damp cloth, wipe over the shutters to remove any dust film. Solvents are not recommended.
    • To close the shutter panel, gently push the panel until it connects with the magnetic or striker plates on the frame.
    Over time, you may find the tension of the blades become loose. If required, you can tension the drive blade to ensure the blades stay in their position.

    • Remove the plastic cap on the side of the panel.
    • Place a Phillips head screwdriver into the hole and gently turn clockwise until you feel the blade has enough tension to remain in place.
    • Be very careful not to over tension the drive blade, as this is not covered under warranty. 
    So there it is! Two simple maintenance guidelines that will ensure your Highprofile Timber Shutters continue to provide long term beauty and practicality to your home.
  • Gloria Parker 

    Gloria Parker


    Fresh Season, Fresh New Look: The 10 Best Spring Colours for Your Home

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Spring is in the air and do you know what that calls for? No, not Spring cleaning… a Spring renovate! Choosing from the most beautiful Pantone colour trends for Spring 2014, I think you will be amazed at how a pop of colour or an array of neutral tones in your home will bring renewed life to your living space.

    Designers and decorators are embracing a modern twist to the traditional Spring palette by combining romantic pastels with vivid hues, creating a colourful harmonic palette. A beautiful combination, which works perfectly with the nature of Spring.

    Placid Blue

    Starting at the calm and tranquil end of the colour palette is Placid Blue. Found in nature, we are all accustomed that this shade of blue is found as a background colour in nature, making it a perfect neutral background colour in your home.

    Image courtesy of Paul Moon Design

    Violet Tulip

    Bringing nostalgia and a hint of vintage feminine style to a room, Violet Tulip is  beautiful as a stand-alone colour or one that harmonises well with the rest of the colour palette. Paired with Freesia, Violet Tulip’s energetic opposite, in this Spring inspired living room, adds vibrancy to a warm grey base.

    Image courtesy of Tim Young


    Hemlock is a wonderful ornamental green. Excellent as a neutral background colour, I find this colour works so well in kitchens.

    Image courtesy of Country Living 


    Toasty, neutral and warming, Sand will accompany any colour as neutral, bringing a sensation of comfort to your home. Try it with a bold bright colour such as Cayenne or Dazzling Blue to bring a bit of pop to your room.

    Image courtesy of Interior Expressions


    This soft grey will go with almost anything. It speaks comfort and style and its neutral base makes it the perfect backdrop for bright hues, such as this Freesia canvas.

    Image courtesy of Domino Magazine


    This is one of my favourite colours at the moment. Rich and spicy, if you want energy to exude in the room, use this colour as dominant wall feature, or pair it with a neutral in splashes through out the room for a more subtle look.

    Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore


    Nothing feels more like Spring than the hues of yellow. Freesia will illuminate your room. Fantastic in sun rooms and kitchens, Freesia works well with Sand and Paloma.

    Image courtesy of Jim Whestphalen


    The word sounds like a warm tropical island. Use it to bring positive energy and sophistication to a room. Pair it with its opposite on the colour wheel, Placid Blue or Dazzling Blue to complement each other beautifully and chase away the last remnants of winter.

    Image courtesy of Laura Moss Photography

    Radiant Orchid

    Energising and romantic, this illuminating colour will enchant with its boldness. We just love how these velvet chairs pop against the rustic backdrop in this setting.

    Image courtesy of Sukio 

    Dazzling Blue

    Such a gorgeous colour! Popular on the catwalk, the last colour in the Spring Pantone collection is unmistakably a favourite of many designers and decorators. Electric on its own, use for a feature wall or simply splash using cushions and unique pieces.

    Image courtesy of m{pression

  • Mirabella Jones 

    Mirabella Jones

    Resident Design Expert

    Why I love shutters for privacy

    Monday, May 05, 2014

    Plantation shutters can be divided in to two halves by a mid rail, which not only looks lovely, but allows you to operate the louvres independently. This gives me the ultimate window covering for privacy. I can close the bottom louvres to keep out prying eyes, but keep the top louvres open to allow in the glorious light. And if you want a more contemporary feel and want a plantation shutter without a mid rail you can opt for split rotation where the louvers are operated by two different control bars. It’s a perfect solution for the front rooms in the home that have a street view.

    Timber Plantation Shutters with a mid rail offer flexible privacy

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