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  • The shutter is 100% of the same timber species, measuring at least 540 on the Janka hardness scale.
  • A high quality paint finish like a 2-pack polyurethane paint which gives a flawless appearance. Similar to high-end cabinetry paint.
  • Painted shutters should have minimum of 5 years warranty
  • The timber for stained shutters is hand selected to choose the best and most even grains.


  • The shutter uses a laminated timber veneer over laminated strips of other timbers. Confirm the shutter is 100% of the one timber species.
  • Inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint that gives an uneven finish and doesn't last.
  • Painted shutters with warranties less than 5 years
  • Timber for stained shutters is not hand selected and gives uneven grains

Designer Insights

  • Vicmar Buyser 

    Vicmar Buyser


    2 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Timber Shutters

    Friday, November 06, 2015

    Durable and elegant, the Highprofile Timber Shutter Collection will bring designer style to your home. They are engineered to provide the right mix of temperature control, light, airflow and privacy.

    To ensure you receive the best and longest use of your Highprofile Timber Shutters, follow these two simple maintenance tips.

    • Open the louvres with the tilt rod or with the middle louvre.
    • Using a damp cloth, wipe over the shutters to remove any dust film. Solvents are not recommended.
    • To close the shutter panel, gently push the panel until it connects with the magnetic or striker plates on the frame.
    Over time, you may find the tension of the blades become loose. If required, you can tension the drive blade to ensure the blades stay in their position.

    • Remove the plastic cap on the side of the panel.
    • Place a Phillips head screwdriver into the hole and gently turn clockwise until you feel the blade has enough tension to remain in place.
    • Be very careful not to over tension the drive blade, as this is not covered under warranty. 
    So there it is! Two simple maintenance guidelines that will ensure your Highprofile Timber Shutters continue to provide long term beauty and practicality to your home.
  • Gloria Parker 

    Gloria Parker


    The Evolution of Shutters

    Friday, November 20, 2015

    Shutters have come a long way since the ancient times of Greece, where it is believed the very first shutters originated. Made from solid stone with fixed louvres, the benefits of weather protection, light control and privacy, saw the shutter spread to the mediterranean which saw the fixed louvres become moveable. In time, shutters were brought to the Americas by the Spanish, gracing many traditional plantation homes and now, they are popular window treatments and outdoor area fixtures in many an Australian home.

    Made from timber, aluminium or PVC, shutters today are surprisingly as flexible in application as they are in colour. Suited for internal or external areas of the home, from small applications to wide expanse applications, it is no wonder they are becoming more and more desired by home owners who want ultimate light, air and privacy control. The fact that they can be completely customised in size, shape and colour is what makes shutters so versatile and popular compared to other window treatments. 

    Have a look at these custom shutters, where application, colour and shape can be appreciated.

    This dining room deserved something more elegant than the standard white plantation shutter. Arched shutters are highly popular in more traditional styled homes.

    Even a curved wall is a no brainer for shutters, as seen in this application.

    Shaped shutters can become a feature piece, such as this diamond shaped shutter in a child's play room.

    Colour is only limited to the imagination. This popular rainbow shutter completes this lucky child's bedroom.


  • Mirabella Jones 

    Mirabella Jones

    Resident Design Expert

    Maximise Your Windows' Potential

    Friday, November 13, 2015

    Windows are not the easiest feature of a room to style well, which is probably why most homeowners tend to install familiar furnishings such as blinds or curtains. But if you want to really impress the guests and neighbours, plantation shutters will tick all the design and practicality boxes.

    Shutters are superior to their more traditional window-furnishing cousins – curtains and blinds. Shutter engineering continues to evolve, making them more durable, easier to use and more stylish. During warm and cool months, they provide insulation benefits. They offer total block out of light, whilst providing complete privacy, and when needed, they can open completely to let light and airflow in.

    Here are some inspirational ways to maximise your windows' potential using shutters.


    The simplicity of these shutters offers a modern look. Acting like a wall to provide privacy from the outside, the owner’s of this home, can choose to extend their dining room to include the fresh air and light from outside. The shutters sit on a tracking system, which allow you to push and fold the shutters to one side. 

    Bold Black

    Looking to make a statement? Bold black shutters will do the trick. Shutters are typically a variation of white so going black will definitely turn heads. This black modern timber shutter, far from blend into the walls and furniture, making them a styling piece in their own right.

    Shaped Windows

    Contrary to common belief, shutters are very versatile and can fit any shape or styled window. The bright yellow timber shutter on this diamond shaped window works perfect for this children’s playroom.

    Colour Block

    The opposite of the bold statement look, colour blocking although simple can be very effective in a room. Paint your shutters the same colour as the wall for a clean, simplistic look and add colour and texture in the form of furnishings and home wares to complete the feel.

    Natural Timber

    Looking for a homely natural feel? Then try natural timber shutters. They are a favourite for traditional spaces, but also look great in modern settings. Natural browns and timber grains offer warmth and a sense of homeliness.

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