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Know what you are buying


  • The shutter is 100% of the same timber species, measuring at least 540 on the Janka hardness scale.
  • A high quality paint finish like a 2-pack polyurethane paint which gives a flawless appearance. Similar to high-end cabinetry paint.
  • Painted shutters should have minimum of 5 years warranty
  • The timber for stained shutters is hand selected to choose the best and most even grains.


  • The shutter uses a laminated timber veneer over laminated strips of other timbers. Confirm the shutter is 100% of the one timber species.
  • Inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint that gives an uneven finish and doesn't last.
  • Painted shutters with warranties less than 5 years
  • Timber for stained shutters is not hand selected and gives uneven grains

Designer Insights

  • Vicmar Buyser 

    Vicmar Buyser


    Don’t Forfeit Style for Warmth this Winter

    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    What I notice most about Winter is how quickly we can forfeit style for comfort and warmth. When that first chill sets in, we’re suddenly donning mismatched beanies and winter socks and pulling out our bulky heaters and various coloured blankets and throws.

    But your home’s style doesn’t need to suffer the winter blues, when you can make some smart design choices by focusing on the areas of your home that lose heat during winter… namely your home’s windows and door ways.

    How Heat Is Lost In Your Home

    - Glass windows and doors bleed heat outwards through heat conduction, thermal radiation, convection and air leakage.

    - Clear glass windows that are not insulated absorb the warmth inside your home and radiate it to the exterior.

    - Warm air leakage to the exterior can occur through openings and poorly fitted windows and doors.

    Without proper window insulation, the majority of the heat within these homes would be lost via the glass windows.

    The Solution

    Put away those bulky heaters and mismatched throws and blankets in favour of a more permanent, stylish heat retaining window treatment.

    Interior plantation shutters act as a barrier between the windows and openings, preventing heat loss, keeping the cold out, and the lovely warmth in.

    Highprofile Timber Plantation Shutters

    An ever fashionable permanent fixture to your home, timber plantation shutters offer a myriad of benefits besides style. Adjustable blades allow you to choose how much light or airflow you want in your home. During the winter days, open them right up to allow the sunshine in, while at night, shut the louvres to retain the warmth.

    Highprofile Timber Plantation Shutters

    Complementing all styles of home and interior decor, timber plantation shutters can be customised to your heart’s desire. Choose from standard paints, natural stains or custom colours as well as numerous applications such as bifold, multifold, fixed and hinged to suit all sorts of windows and doorways. 

    To learn more and beat the winter chill without compromising your home’s style, contact All Shutters & Blinds today.

  • Gloria Parker 

    Gloria Parker


    Bathrooms... Best Trends

    Thursday, May 19, 2016

    Just like kitchens, bathrooms have enormous influence on whether you love or hate a home. So when it comes to selling your home, it makes perfect sense to pay your bathroom lots of love and attention when building or renovating.

    More than just practical and functional, bathrooms have evolved to become much more than just a washroom, playing an important part of the architectural design and more often than not, incurring the biggest financial investment.

    Besides water and energy saving being key aspects of any bathroom build or renovation, we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite trends to guide you on the interior design and décor. 

    1. For the modern bathroom, go with clean simple lines and minimally designed sanitary ware, which is often hidden e.g. built in handles to cabinet draws.
    2. Copper is hot right now. Exposed brass taps, pipes bring lots of warmth and a traditional feel to your bathroom.
    3. Vinyl decals, wallpaper and mosaic glass tiles provide the right element for that impact feature wall.
    4. Pair bold colours with the neutral sanitary ware, for that personalised and dramatic look. Bold colours work well on painted walls and accessories.
    5. Create a wet and dry zone if the space allows e.g. include a small dressing table, make up table or small comfortable seating.

    Of course don’t forget the windows in your bathrooms.  Considered a high-use and wet area, the best window treatment for this part of your home is shutters. Timeless, always on trend, shutters in the bathroom are the practical choice due to their durability and water resistance. Ideal for privacy, natural light and ventilation, shutters in the bathroom will simply beautify your bathroom and complete the look.

    Here are some fabulous examples.

  • Mirabella Jones 

    Mirabella Jones

    Resident Design Expert

    Change your mood with colour

    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    Our homes are our sanctuaries. They should be the one place where you can feel positive, relaxed and happy. This is why when you open any house magazine; you will find interior design articles on the theme of colour. Why? Because they play an integral role in interior design by directly affecting our moods and the way we feel.

    While soft furnishings such as throws and pillows and of course wall colour are still the dominant element that utilises colour to impact mood, timber shutters are becoming ever more popular, not just as a window treatment, but are seen as central pieces, much like we would view a furniture piece or feature wall. Because timber shutters can be customised to any colour you wish, they are the perfect addition to your interior to transform your home and your mood.

    “Whether it's on a pair of pillows, the back of a bookshelf, the floor or the ceiling, a splash of unexpected colour transforms any space from boring to breathtaking.”
    - Jen Derose, HouseBeautiful

    Recognised and admired for their clean lines and high value appeal, a timber shutter can be a design anchor to transform your living space. Made from premium grade 100% timber, they are painted with high quality polyurethane paint. Built to last, painted timber shutters are an excellent starting point to bring colour and mood to your interior.

    So what mood can you achieve with a painted timber shutter?

    From calming blues and passionate reds to passive neutrals, it all depends on what mood you want your interior to reflect.

    “Scientists and researchers have long known colours affect us mentally and physically…. blue rooms reduce blood pressure and enhance relaxation… even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can't… the heart muscles can't race fast enough. It's a tranquillising colour.”
    - Olivia Richardson, body+soul Magazine 2013

    Consider bright vibrant colours for children’s rooms or the family rumpus room to liven the atmosphere. Pastel colours in pink or purples for bedrooms create a calm relaxed mood. Blues are also perfect for creating calmed relaxed environments, great in bathrooms or kitchens.

    Of course you may just wish for the clean, sophisticated look and opt for the classic white plantation shutter, which is always a favourite. With the timber shutters being highly customisable, you are only limited by your imagination. For more information on timber shutters, click here.

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