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  • The shutter is 100% of the same timber species, measuring at least 540 on the Janka hardness scale.
  • A high quality paint finish like a 2-pack polyurethane paint which gives a flawless appearance. Similar to high-end cabinetry paint.
  • Painted shutters should have minimum of 5 years warranty
  • The timber for stained shutters is hand selected to choose the best and most even grains.


  • The shutter uses a laminated timber veneer over laminated strips of other timbers. Confirm the shutter is 100% of the one timber species.
  • Inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint that gives an uneven finish and doesn't last.
  • Painted shutters with warranties less than 5 years
  • Timber for stained shutters is not hand selected and gives uneven grains

Designer Insights

  • Vicmar Buyser 

    Vicmar Buyser


    Bay Windows & Shutters

    Thursday, July 23, 2015

    One style of window that is difficult to dress with curtains or blinds is the bay window. Our shutters can solve this problem! Bay windows provide a home with a more shape and elegance, moving away from the ‘square’ room, and they look fantastic with shutters. If you have a bay window in your home, we suggest shutters to maximise the effect and potential of your window.

    These angled bay windows (below) have been installed with a ’tier on tier’ style shutter. Excellent for very tall windows and works particularly well in a bay style window. It is the most popular style of shutter install for a bay window simply due to the versatility. Open the top tiers to let light in, while maintaining privacy on the bottom tier by keeping them closed. Perfect for ground floor windows. Adjusting the slats also allows you to maximise the light and airflow to your desire while still maintaining your much-needed privacy.>

    Again, shutters complement this smaller styled bay window. Installed as bi-folds, the simplicity of the design adds elegance and sophistication to the room, offering perfect light control!

    From bay to curved, no window is too difficult for shutters. In this instance, a curved window is fitted with pivot hinges top and bottom. The options are endless. Contact your nearest All Shutters & Blinds consultant to talk shutters today.

  • Gloria Parker 

    Gloria Parker


    5 Predictable Spring Trends

    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    If you follow fashion, interior design or furnishing trends, with each new season you can expect to see fresh ideas and inspiration. Well, Spring is just around the corner and everyone is wondering what the newest trends in interiors will be! So here’s 5 predictable interior trends to help you get ready for the new season!

    1. Pastels & Pinks

    Generally when you think of Spring, you think of warm pastel pinks, lavenders and soft greens. This season, these feminine colours will dominate the colour schemes. If you’re worried about the colours being too feminine, try including contrasting colours using furniture or accessories to make a bold statement and provide some balance. Metallics such as golds, bronze and copper paired with pastels is also a lovely touch, but if you want something more understated, whites, oranges and greys work particularly well with these colours.

    2. Raw Authenticity

    Go for the honest, raw, authentic look, first trended by Haymes Paint. This look embodies the ‘less is more' factor, creating an unfussy style that de-clutters space in favour of simplicity. Typically made of up neutral, natural tones such as browns and creams, these calming colours are perfect for interior accessories and styling. Start with a simple piece of natural furniture and build up textures and colours around it with artwork and accessories.

    3. Geometric Patterns

    Geometric patterns and graphic art are hanging around for another season. They can make any room go from dull to bold instantly. Easy to find room accessories include rugs and pillow cases. If you find them to be too bold or perhaps you’re over this trend, try more understated patterns and lines as a sophisticated alternative.

    4. Colours with Attitude

    Over the pastels and neutrals? Why not brighten with daring colours and patterns. Add a bit of attitude to your room, through bold accessories or furniture pieces upcycled in bold designs. Or for the really bold statement, create feature walls with exuberant wallpaper.

    5. Spring Cleaning in Small Spaces

    Small spaces can be a pain for most homeowners, but they can also be a small blessing in disguise. Generally they offer a catalyst for change where you are forced to de-clutter your space and utilise the space more effectively. This often means incorporating cleaver design ideas. For example, if you want to provide the illusion of a bigger room, hang drapes as high as you can above windows or strategically place a mirror. Invest in smart furniture that also act as storage spaces and use a fool proof neutral colour on the walls to prevent a small space from closing in on itself, unless of course you’re going for a cosy look, then a darker colour will do the trick.

  • Mirabella Jones 

    Mirabella Jones

    Resident Design Expert

    Consider Aluminium Shutters During the Warmer Months

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!

    As the cooler months subside, the jumpers start to come off and those brave enough, (like me) who can not wait to jump into a pair of shorts and sandals again, start to bare our legs to the warmer climate.

    If you're beginning to think about the warmer Spring months ahead; dinner parties, BBQ's with friends, outdoor birthdays, why not do it in style and in comfort and bring the outside and inside closer together with sturdy, customisable Aluminium shutters.

    Aluminium shutters are more durable than timber, sleek in design and completely practical to your outdoor needs. Close them for complete privacy or open them right up for more light, air and space. There are many options to choose from - hinged, bi-fold, , multi-fold, fixed, or sliding, not to mention the custom colours and wraps that are available. There is generally not a space or window that shutters cannot address.

    Look at how this beautiful beach house in Cairns, Queensland transformed with Aluminium shutters. The entire front of the home was completely exposed to the typical elements of living with beachfront views, not to mention the lack of privacy. With the addition of shutters, privacy is now an option and when those offshore winds start blowing, the lucky owner's of this home can now enjoy their outdoor living areas in more comfort.

    Before: This home's outdoor living areas including furniture, were completely exposed to the elements, rain, wind and damaging UV rays.

    Before: They have amazing views but no privacy!

    After: By installing Aluminium shutters, the owner's can enjoy their living area in private.

    After: Living in comfort and style, with obvious added value to the home.

    So, if you're thinking of addressing that exposed patio, windy deck area, or simply want to renovate that outdoor space into something highly practical and beautiful, be sure to investigate Aluminium shutters. They offer a wealth of possibilities:

    • They bring the outside in

    • Provide privacy

    • Provide security

    • Hard wearing in high-use and wet areas

    • Adds value to your home

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