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Soften the look of shutters with curtains

Personally I prefer the look of shutters over curtains. The simplicity of the design means they can be used in most settings, from traditional to modern. They can be custom made to suit different sized windows, window styles or shapes and are available in custom colours and wraps. They really are a great window treatment to work with when styling a room. Unlike curtains, shutters also have the ability to better control light and airflow by tilting the blades to accommodate the weather outside, while offering security simultaneously. 

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What may seem a downside to some about shutters is that they are hard in appearance and this is where curtains hold an advantage. Curtains provide that feminine touch and finished tailored look to a room. You can set the tone of the room with the choice of fabric and colour of curtains or accentuate the room’s style using curtains as complimentary elements. 

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Often we assume you can only have one or the other, but why not have both and combine shutters with the gorgeous fabrics of curtains! Utilise shutters for the practical benefits of privacy, security, light and air flow control and soften the look by adding curtains. A decorator's dream!

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