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Don’t Forfeit Style for Warmth this Winter

What I notice most about Winter is how quickly we can forfeit style for comfort and warmth. When that first chill sets in, we’re suddenly donning mismatched beanies and winter socks and pulling out our bulky heaters and various coloured blankets and throws.

But your home’s style doesn’t need to suffer the winter blues, when you can make some smart design choices by focusing on the areas of your home that lose heat during winter… namely your home’s windows and door ways.

How Heat Is Lost In Your Home

- Glass windows and doors bleed heat outwards through heat conduction, thermal radiation, convection and air leakage.

- Clear glass windows that are not insulated absorb the warmth inside your home and radiate it to the exterior.

- Warm air leakage to the exterior can occur through openings and poorly fitted windows and doors.

Without proper window insulation, the majority of the heat within these homes would be lost via the glass windows.

The Solution

Put away those bulky heaters and mismatched throws and blankets in favour of a more permanent, stylish heat retaining window treatment.

Interior plantation shutters act as a barrier between the windows and openings, preventing heat loss, keeping the cold out, and the lovely warmth in.

Highprofile Timber Plantation Shutters

An ever fashionable permanent fixture to your home, timber plantation shutters offer a myriad of benefits besides style. Adjustable blades allow you to choose how much light or airflow you want in your home. During the winter days, open them right up to allow the sunshine in, while at night, shut the louvres to retain the warmth.

Highprofile Timber Plantation Shutters

Complementing all styles of home and interior decor, timber plantation shutters can be customised to your heart’s desire. Choose from standard paints, natural stains or custom colours as well as numerous applications such as bifold, multifold, fixed and hinged to suit all sorts of windows and doorways. 

To learn more and beat the winter chill without compromising your home’s style, contact All Shutters & Blinds today.

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