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Aluminium Shutters... A new view on privacy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tired of your neighbours being 'a little too close' or looking for a unique solution for your outdoor spaces? All Shutters and Blinds offers an exciting range of aluminium shutters that can be custom fabricated to meet your needs. Aluminium shutters are a aesthetically pleasing, practical solution with a multitude of applications and with exceptionally long life span are the perfect investment for your home.

Aluminium shutters provide a versatile replacement for the more traditional timber or mesh style privacy screen. Coming in a wide variety of colours and fitting applications including hinged, bi-fold, fixed and sliding our expert representatives are guaranteed to help you find the perfect solution for your outdoor area.

The sleek design of this fixed louvre shutter will provide much needed privacy from neighbours, whilst still allowing for abundant natural sunlight and airflow. This keeps the area light and open yet blocks the incoming view and provides a natural sound barrier.

Using a fixed louvre, or lockable aluminium shutter such as Weatherwell Elite can provide a unique and innovative take on the traditional gate or fence. 

Here you can see lockable aluminium shutters being used as a divider between the outdoor pool area and the garage. This is a great solution to hiding 'unsightly' storage facilities from your outdoor entertaining areas. A perfect example of structural functionality combined with beautiful design. 

Impress Potential Buyers With These 6 Tips to Style Your Outdoor Area

Thursday, October 09, 2014

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make when preparing their home for the buyers market is neglect the outdoor areas of their home. Too often, focus is on the inside of the home, but more then ever, people are viewing decks, verandas and garden spaces as extensions of the home for family and friends to enjoy daily.

Below are some great tips to consider if you want to maximise your outdoor area’s potential.

Highlight the Best Feature

What is the best selling point of your outdoor area? Is it the pool, the expansive deck, manicured garden or view?

Make sure you highlight this feature by repositioning furniture and remove any distractions.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Long Design

Bring the Inside Out

This is an important one to consider. Bringing the inside out or the outside in is becoming more then ever a practical and stylish aspect of many homes. Too often homeowners only view their outdoor areas as just a place to sit outdoors.

Think strategically about how your outdoor area can merge with your indoor areas – Turn a nook into a day lounge, create an outdoor office space, expand the dining area into outdoors. If you’re concerned about privacy and temperature control, aluminium shutters are ideal. They’re durable, stylish, control light and airflow and offer complete privacy. Not to mention adding dollar value to your home.

Photo Courtesy of The Window Outfitters

The Illusion of Big

If you have a small outdoor area, consider minimalising by using slim and elegant furniture pieces that won’t clutter up your space. Long horizontal artworks on the walls give the illusion of length to a room. Mirrors are also fantastic for providing the illusion of a bigger room. They work great in dead-end areas.

Photo Courtesy of The Labyrinth Gardens

Well Maintained No Fuss Gardens

Unless you are retired and/or love to garden, most of us have way too busy schedules to be concerned with maintaining grass and gardens. Make sure your gardens are looking schmick by removing dead plants, trimming back overgrown trees and bushes and planting fresh leafy plants. Buyers may not notice the details, but they will definitely ‘feel’ the garden. If you can, replace high-maintenance plants with low maintenance plants. Natives and succulents are great as they require minimal watering.

Photo Courtesy of Utopia Landscape Design

Colour Pop & Textures

Brown and green tends to dominate outdoor areas so avoid brown furniture and homewares. Add pops of colour in the form of furniture and texture in the form of throws, cushions or artwork to really add design flair to your outdoor area.

Photo Courtesy of Zugai Strudwick Architects 

Attention to Detail

It’s all in the details they say. Give your buyers a taste of what it will be like to live there by bringing lifestyle to your outdoor area. Choose the best feature and add lanterns, candles, cushions, plants, rugs, magazines and books to really make it feel homely and cosy.

Photo Courtesy of Highgate House


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