Not all shutters are created equal

5 tips for evaluating timber plantation shutters



It's not only the species. It's what's on the inside that counts.

Highprofile painted timber plantation shutters are 100% Poplar, an even-grained timber measuring 540 on the Janka hardness scale. Often shutters sold as 'Basswood' are Laminated Veneer Lumber or a thin Basswood veneer (30%) around laminated strips of other timbers. Always confirm a timber plantation shutter is 100% of the timber species.



Hand-selection is key.

One of the key features of a stained timber shutter, is the luxurious look of the natural grain. Our stained Highprofile timber shutters are made from 100% Basswood, which is hand-selected, to ensure even grain appearance every time.



Not all paints are the same.

Highprofile timber plantation shutters are finished in quality 2-pack polyurethane paint, used in kitchens and high-end cabinetry. Other shutters may be painted with an inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint. Highprofile's 2-pack paint has been developed to last with a flawless finish.



If it's 100% timber, it's 100% organic and renewable.

Highprofile timber plantation shutters are made from 100% timber, which is recyclable, biodegradable and requires less energy to produce than other inorganic materials. Our unique construction results in a more efficient yield from the tree.



Can customisation equal the imagination?

Whatever the shape, size, colour, width, or covering, Highprofile timber plantation shutters can be cost-effectively custom ordered. In fact, our Highprofile timber shutter is the true bespoke shutter brand. Your only limitation is your imagination.




Bald Hills

"I just wanted to thank you for the black shutters which were installed by the lovely Tom yesterday. They look absolutely beautiful & I can't stop smiling when I see or think about them.

I had Tom measure up the front glass area near the doorway yesterday & he suggested a different fitting frame......"