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Reduce the Impact of Weather on Your Outdoor Living

It’s no secret that Australians love spending time outdoors. However, the harsh and often erratic nature of Aussie weather means that whilst we invest a lot of time and resources into our outdoor entertaining areas, they often go under utilised.  So we thought we’d share a few of our favourite ways to help reduce the impact of the weather on your outdoor enjoyment!

Aluminium shutters are a great way to fully or partially enclose your outdoor area. Our aluminium shutters can be custom ordered to fit any outdoor space you may have and can be ordered in fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold installations.

Available in a wide variety of colour and textured finishes, our Weatherwell Elite range is also lockable for added peace of mind.

Weatherwell Elite

Weatherwell Standard

As Autumn makes it’s presence known, it’s often just a little to cold to spend the nights outside, even if it’s not raining. A great remedy for this situation is to introduce some fire into your outdoor settings. Not only will this give you enough warmth to make it comfortable, it’s a fantastic way to create a relaxed and intimate environment. Chimaneas are a very versatile outdoor piece that can be stored away during summer when it’s not needed and brought out to become the centre of attention during the colder months.

Introduce some fire into your outdoor setting.

Outdoor Rooms by Corradi are the most complete way to fully utilise your outdoor space all year round. Designed & manufactured in Italy, it combines the latest in structural engineering with Italy’s famous flare for aesthetics. With integrated water management and the ability to be fully or semi enclosed, you have a system that not only looks amazing, but can also withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Corradi Outdoor Room

Corradi Outdoor Room

Awnings are a brilliant and cost-effective way of shading an area to protect yourself, and any adjacent rooms from the onslaught of the Australian sun.

Our range of Shadesol awnings are German designed to provide a beautiful product backed by the highest standards of structural engineering. Available in motorised and non-motorised versions, it’s a must have for every Australian home.

Shadesol Awning

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