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Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters for Sun Protection

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We all know what it’s like to experience an Aussie summer, so it is no wonder that one of the fastest growing home project trends among homeowners is installing external aluminium shutters for protection against the harsh Aussie sun. Becoming ever popular among homeowners along the coastline, inner cities and suburbia, external aluminium shutters are designed to endure the toughest elements; controlling the entry of heat, UV rays and sunlight, allowing you to maximise your outdoor living experience in comfort.

Weatherwell aluminium shutters are designed for the exterior, combining cutting edge design with effective weather protection.

Suitable for outdoor pergolas, decks, patios, verandas and outdoor rooms such as outdoor kitchens and pool houses, these shutters provide ample shade, and control light, airflow and temperature, which is important to creating comfortable outdoor living areas.

“Sun-blocking screens help you stay cool, play with light and create a stunning modern exterior… since the location is on the exterior, it blocks the heat from the sun’s rays before they even hit the glass and enter the interior space, keeping your home cooler.” - Jen Dailey, Architect

External shutters not only provide flexibility in providing sought-after shade but also help to:

  • Lower home air-conditioning costs
  • Allow for airflow and ventilation, and
  • Protect exteriors

Unlike timber shutters, which can fade and crack from the affects of the sun over time, aluminium is built to withstand high temperatures and UV rays. Weatherwell external aluminium shutters require no maintenance, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties.

“In a sun-drenched climate, shade is essential in reducing the effects of heat on the home. Incorporating shade is a simple and cost-effective way to help keep your house cool year round.” - Planning services Special Project Unit, City of Townsville

Click here to view some great uses of Weatherwell aluminium shutters.

7 Creative Ideas to Upcycle Your Old Shutters

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ever wondered what you could do with those old shutters you have stashed away in your shed? 

If you’re keen to try a bit of DIY these holidays, turning old shutters into something fabulous for your home should be on your list of upcycle to-dos. 

All you need are some old shutters, some creative flair and a little bit of elbow grease. If you don't have shutters, try your local tip or trash and treasure market. 

There are numerous creative home wares and furniture you can make, from bed heads, magazine holders to garden features.
Below are 7 great DIY ideas to turn your old shutters from drab into fab!

A chic shutter linen cupboard.

Simple shutter side table.

We love this teal green shutter head board.

Shutter magazine holder, a perfect addition to a living room or office.

Spruce up the kitchen with this practical shutter utensil holder.

A fab shutter wall piece.

A shutter garden feature.

Love Summer? Love Shutters!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Summer in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and social times of year. However, the harsh nature of the Aussie sun often limits the amount of time we can spend outside enjoying it.Whilst many of us have some form of outdoor entertaining area, it's often far more exposed to the elements than we'd sometimes like. Aluminium shutters are an often unthought of but fantastic way to correct this issue. They're a fantastic way to control the light, wind and rain in the sporadic afternoon storm whilst adding a pleasant and stylish aspect to your home. Coming in a wide range of colors and textures, there's no reason not to!

Below are some great examples to help inspire you!

So whether it's a relaxing Sunday afternoon with wine and a BBQ or a Saturday feast with the whole neighborhood, All Shutters and Blinds' range of aluminium shutters are the perfect way to complete your outdoor cooking or entertaining area and allow you to enjoy the outdoors for longer!


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