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Shutters… So versatile!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Out of the numerous window treatment solutions I could choose from, including curtains, blinds, awnings and venetians – Shutters is by far the only choice for me.

Why? Quite simply for the versatility in design and function.

Right now, the current trend in shutters is to go bright and bold. Traditionally shutters have been neutral whites and natural wood finishes but more and more homeowners are embracing their adventurous side and choosing bright and bold colours to enhance the style and mood of any room.

The beautiful thing about shutters is that not only can you customise to the colour you choose; they also provide that functional aspect that we all want – privacy, light management and insulation. Choose from fixed, hinged, multi-fold, bi-fold and sliding shutters. There is a shutter for almost every size and type of window.

Regardless of what colour or type of shutter you choose, shutters can quite literally transform your living space into one you will absolutely love.

2 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Timber Shutters

Friday, November 06, 2015

Durable and elegant, the Highprofile Timber Shutter Collection will bring designer style to your home. They are engineered to provide the right mix of temperature control, light, airflow and privacy.

To ensure you receive the best and longest use of your Highprofile Timber Shutters, follow these two simple maintenance tips.

  • Open the louvres with the tilt rod or with the middle louvre.
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe over the shutters to remove any dust film. Solvents are not recommended.
  • To close the shutter panel, gently push the panel until it connects with the magnetic or striker plates on the frame.
Over time, you may find the tension of the blades become loose. If required, you can tension the drive blade to ensure the blades stay in their position.

  • Remove the plastic cap on the side of the panel.
  • Place a Phillips head screwdriver into the hole and gently turn clockwise until you feel the blade has enough tension to remain in place.
  • Be very careful not to over tension the drive blade, as this is not covered under warranty. 
So there it is! Two simple maintenance guidelines that will ensure your Highprofile Timber Shutters continue to provide long term beauty and practicality to your home.

Consider Aluminium Shutters During the Warmer Months

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!

As the cooler months subside, the jumpers start to come off and those brave enough, (like me) who can not wait to jump into a pair of shorts and sandals again, start to bare our legs to the warmer climate.

If you're beginning to think about the warmer Spring months ahead; dinner parties, BBQ's with friends, outdoor birthdays, why not do it in style and in comfort and bring the outside and inside closer together with sturdy, customisable Aluminium shutters.

Aluminium shutters are more durable than timber, sleek in design and completely practical to your outdoor needs. Close them for complete privacy or open them right up for more light, air and space. There are many options to choose from - hinged, bi-fold, , multi-fold, fixed, or sliding, not to mention the custom colours and wraps that are available. There is generally not a space or window that shutters cannot address.

Look at how this beautiful beach house in Cairns, Queensland transformed with Aluminium shutters. The entire front of the home was completely exposed to the typical elements of living with beachfront views, not to mention the lack of privacy. With the addition of shutters, privacy is now an option and when those offshore winds start blowing, the lucky owner's of this home can now enjoy their outdoor living areas in more comfort.

Before: This home's outdoor living areas including furniture, were completely exposed to the elements, rain, wind and damaging UV rays.

Before: They have amazing views but no privacy!

After: By installing Aluminium shutters, the owner's can enjoy their living area in private.

After: Living in comfort and style, with obvious added value to the home.

So, if you're thinking of addressing that exposed patio, windy deck area, or simply want to renovate that outdoor space into something highly practical and beautiful, be sure to investigate Aluminium shutters. They offer a wealth of possibilities:

  • They bring the outside in

  • Provide privacy

  • Provide security

  • Hard wearing in high-use and wet areas

  • Adds value to your home


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