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Choosing Colour Tips & 2015 Dulux Colour Trends

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home can be challenging, but if you do it right, colour can be among your most powerful tools in transforming your living space into a fabulous environment. Dulux, one of Australia’s trusted paint suppliers, have released their 2015 colour trends and we just love the combinations they have chosen. Whether you’re building or looking to reinvent your space, below are a few tips to help you get started along with some inspiration from Dulux’s top designers.


Start with the room elements first. They are your least flexible items to change, so it is best to choose your paint colours based on your furniture pieces, fabrics or wallpaper. 

When choosing colours, go for a mix of values - one dark, one light and one bright colour. This will prevent your colours from looking chaotic. Out of the 3, choose a dominant hue and use the other 2 colours to highlight, tone down or break up areas of the dominant colour.

Stick with colours you are comfortable with. There’s no need to always go with the latest colour trends and designs. Classics will last a lifetime but that said, you it doesn’t hurt to be little adventurous with pops of colour using home accessories. That way, if you get bored of it or find it’s not working for you, you can easily update. Better than repainting an entire wall!


Lighting can have a significant impact on colour. As colour is a reflection of light, the amount of light and type of light in a room will affect the visual hue.

Explore natural light and artificial light. How does the light affect the colours of the room and therefore affect the mood of the room? Daylight is considered the best light to view colours in. If your room doesn’t receive much natural light, try warmer colours to tone down the shadows and cooler colours for brightly lit rooms.

When choosing colours for particular rooms, keep in mind, when the rooms are most likely to be used and choose colours based on when and how the room is utilised. For example, a sunroom might primarily be used in the mornings, when the warmth and sunshine is abundant, so you would choose colours suitable to the morning light.


We like Dulux paints because at All Shutters & Blinds we can colour match your chosen Dulux paint, and customise your timber or aluminium shutters to that colour. No longer are standard whites the only options available for shutters. Shutters don’t have to blend into the background of your walls. They can be just as dramatic and beautiful as a feature painting or wall hanging. 

Select designers have come up with 4 Dulux colour trend combinations for 2015. The theme is Connection. Four colour palettes inspired by the ever increasing desire for us to connect in the ‘real world’, a break away from our technology driven lives. We feel at least one of these palettes will please even the fussiest decorator!

Below are the 2015 Dulux Trends to inspire you.





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